Hemingford to London


These pages give a brief history of part the Favell family that can be traced back to Bedfordshire in the 1700's. Some of the family migrated across the county border into Huntingdonshire where they remained for most of the 19th century, in and around Hemingford Grey and St Ives. My 5 x Great Grandfather Stephen Favell married Elizabeth Clarke at Pidley in Huntingdonshire in 1798. Their son John was born in Hemingford Grey in 1805 and married Lucy King in 1828. They went on to have 12 children, one of whom was my 3 x Great Grandfather Stephen, born in 1834. My 2 x Great Grandfather George left Huntingdonshire in the 1880's to settle in North London where my Great Grandfather (another George) was born in Kentish Town. The family moved a short distance to Camden Town where my Grandfather and Father were born. Both surprisingly named George (just to avoid confusion). In the early 1940s my Grandfather moved to the outer suburbs of North London to be nearer his work place and to remove his family from the worst of the wartime bombing. Although some of the family remain, like many Londoners, I have now moved out of 'town'.

Other branches of the family


There are still Favells living in Huntingdonshire today and I have some very distant 'cousins' there.  When my branch of the family moved to London, their cousins moved North to Bradford and into Suffolk.  There are still many in London and Hertfordshire and some relatives across the globe in Australia. I am always glad to hear from prospective 'cousins'.   While searching for family history information I have come across some interesting characters who share the surname Favell but are not, so far as I am currently aware, related to my own family. I have included their stories here for the benefit of anyone else who is intersted in or researching family history with Favell connections.