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favell family history

Over the coming months this web site will evolve as the content is uploaded and the standard template refined.

I am learning wordpress as I go along!

Dec 2020 – WW1 casualty list now live. Pages added for Crimean and Boer War soldiers.  January 2021 stories added for individual soldiers.  March 2021 Huntingdonshire page updated.  April 2021 Camden town updated. October 2021 WW1 and WW2 fallen details added.  October 2021 WW1 Casualties all mini Biogs added.  December 2021 WW1 Service details being added.

family history discoveries back through the centuries

While tracing the story of my own family I have stumbled across many who share the same surname.  Some closely connected and others very distant.  Hopefully you will find something of interest

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