the following listing contains the details of all favells that I have found a record of serving in the Great War

T2/017878           Driver                    Albert Favell                       Royal Army Service Corps

33746                  Private                  Albert Edward Favell          The Queen’s (West Surrey) Regiment

M1/7702              Staff Sergeant      Albert Lemuel Favell          1st Indian Cavalry Supply column

L/6696                  Private                 Albert E Favell                   16th Lancers

2643                     Private                 Albert Edward Favell         5th Reinforcement Australian Forces

1318                     Stoker                  Alfred William Favell         Minesweeping

62380                    Pioneer                Alfred Favell                     Royal Engineers

890034                  Driver                   Alfred Favell                     Royal Field Artillery

39437                    Sapper                 Alfred J Favell                   Royal Engineers

2539                       Lance Corporal  Archibald J Favell              2nd London Regiment

1081                       Serjeant              Arthur Favell                      London Regiment

66909                    Private                 Arthur Favell                      Royal Fusiliers

12491                    Driver                  Arthur Favell                      Royal Field Artillery

206249                  Driver                  Arthur Favell                      Royal Horse Artillery

1909                       Private               Cecil Bert Favell                Royal Army Medical Corps

23776                    Gunner               Charles Favell                    Royal Field Artillery

209108                  Driver                 Charles Favill                      Royal Engineers

17984                    Sapper               Charles J Favell                  Royal Engineers

11063                    Corporal             Charles Favell                     Ox & Bucks Light Infantry

M2/050427            Private               David Favell                        Army Service Corps

                           Private                  E S Favell                           Canterbury Regiment

Lieutenant Commander                   E Torre Favell                     HMS Pathfinder

Sapper                                             E Favell                                 Royal Engineers

38814                    Private               E J Favell                              East Surrey Regiment

                                                        Elijah Favell                        Bedfordshire Regiment

49336                    Private               Ernest Favell                       Royal Medical corps

225856                  Private               Ernest Favell                       Northamptonshire Regiment

14904                    Private               Ernest Favell                       Yorkshire Regiment

17416                    Private               Ernest W Favell                 7th Leicestershire Regiment

17404                    Private               F W Favell                          Suffolk Regiment

2nd Lieutenant                                Francis Herbert Favell        Royal Flying Corps

10599                    Private               Frank Favell                        Honourable Artillery Company

M2/152802         Private                  Frank T Favell                         Army Service Corps

18097                    Corporal            Frank Edward Favell                        Signal Squadron Australian Forces

43586                    Gunner              Frederick Favell                                 Royal Garrison Artillery

350737                  Private               Frederick Favell                                 Essex Regiment

G/5209                 Private                Frederick Favell                                 Middlesex Regiment

2074                       Private             G Favell                                                Notts & Derbyshire Regiment

14100                    Private              George Favell                                    Suffolk Regiment

                                                       George Favell                                    Bedfordshire Regiment

                                                       George Favell                                    Canadian Field Artillery

M2/150489         Private                 George Favell                                    Royal Army Service Corps

10690                    Private              George Favell                                    Leicestershire regiment

6859                       Private             George Favell                                    Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry

661058                  Private              George Favell                                    Labour Corps

T/438647              Driver                H Favell                                                ASC

26225                    Private              H Favell                                                Duke of Wellington’s West Riding

3/556                     Private              H Favell                                                Grenadier Guards

Corporal                                         H G Favell                                            Northamptonshire Regiment

1000498                Private             H W Favell                                            Infantry

680156                  QM Serjeant    Harry Favell                                        London Regiment

2184                       Acting Sgt       Henry Favell                                    Royal Field Artillery

36948                    Gunner            Henry Favell                                     Royal Field Artillery

6357                       Private            Henry Favell                                       Coldstream Guards

S/28707                Rifleman           Herbert James Favell                       Rifle Brigade

4011                       Private             Herbert Favell                                    Seaforth Highlanders

60283                    Private              Herbert Favell                                    Labour Corps

22855                    Private              Horace Favell                                     Grenadier Guards

30310                    Private              Isaac Favell                                         Labour Corps

                                                       J Favell                                                  British Columbia Regiment

G/78270               Private               James William Favell                       Middlesex Regiment

Private                                           James Favell                                       Bedfordshire Regiment

SE/25171              Acting Sgt        James Favell                                       Army Veterinary Corps

180993                  Gunner            James H Favell                                   Royal Garrison Artillery

9418                       Private           John George Favell                          Coldstream Guards

14594                    Private            John William Favell                          Lincolnshire Regiment

203606                  Private            John Favell                                          North Staffordshire Regiment

204641                  Private            John Favell                                          London Regiment

2nd Lieutenant                             John Milnes Favell                           Durham Light Infantry

3999                       Sergeant        John Favell                                          7th Hussars

944517                  Gunner            John W Favell                                    Royal Field Artillery

4632                       Stoker             Joseph Edward Favell                     Minesweeping

22173                    Corporal           Lawrence Favell                                 York and Lancaster Regiment

45776                    Private              Leonard Favell                                   South Wales Borderers

593                         Sapper             Norman Favell                                   Royal Engineers

Captain                                           Norman Bambridge Favell            Rifle Brigade

42308                    Private              Philip Favell                                        Somerset Light Infantry

Lieutenant                                       R V Favell            

Corporal                                         Reginald John Favell                        Leinster Regiment

63881                    Private              Reginald Favell                                  Royal Defence Corps

71826                    Sapper              Robert H Favell                                 Royal Engineers

100318                                           Ronald Holroyd Favell                    Royal Flying Corps

425542                  Private              Sydney Joseph Favell                     London Regiment

23777                    Private              Sydney J Favell                                  Royal Berkshire Regiment

10450                    Private              Thomas Favell                                    King’s Royal Rifle Corps

2360                       Private             W Favell                                               Notts and Derbyshire Regiment

2nd Lieutenant                               Walter Rupert Aldridge  Favell               Royal Engineers

6503                       Private            Walter Jago Favell                            21st Reinforc’t Australian Forces

87918                    Gunner            William Favell                                    Royal Garrison Artillery

5582                       Private            William George G Favell                 London Regiment

2nd Lieutenant                               William Reginald Favell                  York and Lancaster Regiment

49660                    Private              William Favell                                    Leicestershire Regiment

27330                    Corporal           William E Favell                                 Worcestershire Regiment

G/36884               Private                  William H Favell                                Royal Sussex Regiment